Navid Alipour

Managing Partner, Analytics Ventures

Navid Alipour is Co-founder and Managing Partner at Analytics Ventures. He is also the founder of La Costa Investment Group.Through the founding of multiple Artificial Intelligence(AI) based companies, Navid is a long-time entrepreneur in the AI space, and looks to address the need between angel investors and big venture capital funds. He has a passion for finding scientists and academics who are domain experts in their respective fields, and helping them turn their research into viable businesses, helping build companies from inception. Navid is a sought-after panelist, judge, speaker and moderator on the topics of venture capital and entrepreneurship at forums such as UCSD, USD, SDSU, CyberHive, HeraHub, MIT Forum, RSNA, U.S. News STEM Conference, and CONNECT. Navid holds a BA from UC San Diego, and a JD/MBA from the University of San Diego.

My Sessions

Monetization of Medical Data

This panel will explore the emerging opportunity to monetize diagnostic and therapeutic data sets in applications beyond a single interaction with a clinician.  This discussion will touch on what data is currently being monetized and data set in the future.