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Biocom Member (Industry) $150
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Biocom Member (Service Provider) $300
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Non-Member (Industry) $200
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Non-Member (Service Provider) $500
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A service provider is a company that does not directly work with a substance that needs approval by the FDA and/or does business-to-business sales. They provide a service to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry and includes, but is not limited to, law firms, banks, laboratory equipment suppliers, consulting firms, or IT services.
If a service provider company registers and pays the industry fee, additional payment will be requested or registration will be canceled. 

*No more than 2 attendees from a service provider company may attend the conference unless your company is a sponsor of the event.

Refunds to the conference will not be given after Friday, August 17th. To exhange your registration with another person, contact¬†Angela Wieszchowski at [email protected]