Chris Hibberd

Former CEO, Astute Medical

CEO and Co-Founder, a proven team builder with over 20 years of experience in working with innovative teams to identify, create and build high value medical device products and biotech discovery technologies.

Co-Founded and built Astute Medical, an innovative medical technology discovery and diagnostic company. Built an impressive team, secured VC funding, negotiated debt financing, built a product pipeline, launched the 1st FDA cleared product for Acute Kidney Injury risk and negotiated numerous global collaborations. One of the collaborators, bioMérieux, acquired Astute Medical in April 2018.

Prior to Biosite’s $1.7B acquisition in 2007, he led a productive business development and strategic planning group and co-founded Biosite Discovery to leverage a world class antibody capability.

After securing an MBA from the University of Western Ontario in Canada, he worked for 5 years as a management consultant with the Boston Consulting Group in the US, Canada, Mexico and Spain.

Graduated with a Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Toronto

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