Gordon Krass

Chief Executive Officer, IntelliGuard®

I’m Gordon Krass, Chief Executive Officer of IntelliGuard®, and I’m passionate about finding solutions to problems.

IntelliGuard® is a leader in intelligent inventory solutions for the pharmaceutical supply chain. Our enterprise platform of RFID-enabled solutions empowers hospitals, health systems, research facilities, distributors and manufacturers to automate with confidence and gain intelligent data they can trust.

My Sessions

Human Centered Design: Empathy That Fueled A San Diego Success Story

Accomplished CEOs of medical technology company IntelliGuard and design firm DDSTUDIO, along with members of their team, will explain the benefits of including the human centered design process as part of a company’s commercialization strategy and product roadmap. This case study offers insights relevant to almost any industry, as attendees hear how human-centered design fueled […]