Darrel Drinan

Co-Founder & CEO, BioRibbon Health

BioRibbon offers an unobtrusive wearable patient monitoring service generating precise, comprehensive physiological data to drive real-time diagnostic clarity.  This early diagnostic clarity empowers effective interventions that benefit all stakeholders to include the patient, provider, payer and employer.

BioRibbon is a spinout of PhiloMetron which is a medical technology accelerator located in San Diego that develops novel solutions for chronic disease and quality of life conditions.  Philo’s first spinout, Corventis (www.corventis.com), commercialized several cardiovascular applications, successfully raised more than $80MM in venture capital, and was acquired by Medtronic in 2014.  These spinouts are based on novel technology solutions that Philo developed in programs funded by NIH and DARPA.

Prior to co-founding PhiloMetron, Mr. Drinan was the Director of New Program Management for Braun ThermoScan, a $2B subsidiary of the Gillette Company.  He led the new consumer medical products development activities for Braun, including research in wireless, non-invasive, medical sensing applications markets.  He led multi-disciplined development teams personnel located in several countries.  Mr. Drinan holds a BS in Productions/Operations Management and an MS in Business.

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