Tristana von Will

Director of Business Development, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Seeker of Transformative Innovation for Life Science

As a life scientist with a specialization in cell and molecular cancer biology with commercial experience in reagents, services and instrumentation focused on the tools and diagnostics space. My business development experience began at Abcam with driving strategic partnerships with Pharma, biotech and tools. At Thermo Fisher, I’ve expanded my repertoire to synthetic and molecular biology including genome editing, key areas in driving forward life science but also diagnostics and applied markets. My mission is to identify transformative new methods and technologies with high commercialization potential to serve our demanding life scientists. I am intimately familiar with the challenges scientist and developers face from working with tools which are inadequate to address the burning questions science needs to answer to continue to deliver improvements in medicine and therapeutics. Scientists are impatient for change and so am I.

My Sessions